Dating after being cheated in

Dr Janssen explains that the raw emotions you feel are part of the ‘default settings’ you revert to when you’re faced with a shocking situation.Kim, 24, says her amplified emotion post-discovery was rage.Relationships are full of ups, downs, good, and bad.But when the end comes as a result of cheating, it can seem challenging to pick up the pieces.A relationship may have ended, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to be learned from it.Taking a look back will uncover a few clues you wish you picked up on earlier and ones you're happy to know about now.She says: ‘When anything difficult happens, whether it’s the loss of a life, a negative life event or the loss of an important relationship, we have a way of reacting to that.

Although cheating may seem like the ultimate betrayal, it can actually turn out to be the blessing in disguise you've always been looking for.

She says: ‘I got myself into such a rage I burst a blood vessel in my eye. Then I’d jump out again, guns blazing and so angry.

I felt like I could deal with being cheated on if I could channel it into an intense emotion I didn’t have to think too much about.’ So the reason behind throwing his Bob Dylan vinyls out the second floor flat window and draining all his bottles of Calvin Klein Obsession into the kitchen sink is that exacting wrath – it’s my sort of safe space.

I’d lie there and sweat and play out scenarios in my head.

I was always teary and the smallest thing could set me off.’ For me, it felt like a cycle, or a seven stages kind of thing.

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And right when you think you're over the whole thing, a subtle reminder of your relationship creeps in and you go through the whole cycle again.

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